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Using a Bamboo Solo stylus with Latitude 7275

I am trying to use a Bamboo Solo stylus with a Latitude 7275 in tablet mode without the slim keyboard attached, but it does not work evenly across the entire display.  If I draw looping circles on the screen, the line will be continuous and tracks the stylus until it reaches the middle right third of the screen where it skips sections of the line.  When I reach the upper right third, it drops the line completely.  I cannot tap on any menu options in the upper right or use the standard Windows close "X".  It all works fine with a fingertip, but I was hoping to use the stylus as a more natural drawing/writing tool.

The Solo has a soft carbon-fiber tip and apparently some internal magnets, but it otherwise a passive device.  It has no buttons or batteries.  I see Dell supports their Active Stylus product with this laptop, but I wanted something simpler.

I tried a different rubber-tip stylus and it seems better, but it also skips in some areas... more along the bottom.  It works intermittently in the upper right area where the Solo does nothing. The entire display still works fine with a fingertip.  Neither stylus works well, if at all when the slim keyboard is attached. I understand that may have something to do with the magnets used to attach the tablet portion.

Can anyone explain to me what's going on and why a portion of the screen is unresponsive to the stylus? Do I have a defective touchscreen or it just a design issue?  The Solo works great with my Android devices.

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