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Various BSOD troubles

Hello !

First, sorry if my english is bad. I'm french but I'll try to do my best.

So, I've got some troubles with my dell studio 1557.
Generally after a random time it crashed with a beautiful BSOD . Sometimes it freezes and I can't do anything and sometimes I have an automatic reboot.

I've made some research and I even format my computer but, unfortunately : no changes.

I've follow a lot of advice that I found on the internet but no changes...

Could it be a hardware problem ? I've already run the memory test by windows, the memtest86+ and the tool provided by DELL which analyse all components ( including memory ). But, since my problems has started after one year and continued even after formating the computer, I really have doubts concerning a software problem...

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks you.

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Re: Various BSOD troubles

Please help me Smiley Sad.

Dell supprt can't help me even if my computer is still guaranted. (what a shame by the way.. )

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