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Very low sound from internal Mic, Inspiron 15R SE

Good day

the internal mic of my laptop was working very good when I bought it, but know the sound of the mic is verrrrrrrrrrrry low

when I use Skype or sound recorder I found my voice very low and there is only a loud disturbance

I updated my system to win8.1 and also updated all the sound drivers from Dell site, but the problem doesn't solved also I have checked all control panel options and every thing is adjusted?

can you help me please?

thank you

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Jim Coates
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RE: Very low sound from internal Mic, Inspiron 15R SE

Hello. Do you have the mic level up all the way, and the mic boost on? Something like in the screen shot here, except that yours should say "Conexant" not "IDT".

For testing purposes, use Windows Sound Recorder, not Skype. If it works in WSR then there is something wrong with your Skype configuration. If it does not work in WSR then there is possibly a hardware failure of the mic, in which case you should contact tech support for repair if you are still under warranty.

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