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Virtual Reality Support?

Just got my Precision 7720 with P5000 GPU and have successfully got my VR headset working! Now as questions come up, I’m wondering which forum is best to post them on? I’m assuming this one, but if there’s a more appropriate site, please let me know!

Now my first question - I’ve configured th BIOS to directly connect the discrete GPU to the output ports and it works great with mimiDP, HDMI and Thunderbolt ports. I’m using the latter as it seems to be the best quality. Now is it possible to mirror the headset display to the laptop screen or another external display? I’d like to be able for a disabled family member to wear the headset while I copilot her thru VR environments. Any ideas?



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RE: Virtual Reality Support?

The only way to get the discrete GPU to control the internal display directly is to go into the BIOS and disable Switchable Graphics entirely, although I remember reading forum posts saying that if you did that and use a docking station, then when you undock, the internal display stays black for some reason, so that might become inconvenient for you.  But if you want to mirror to another EXTERNAL display, that should absolutely be possible without disabling Switchable Graphics.  I've seen VR demos where the headset video was mirrored to another display for spectators, but I never got a chance to see how that was actually achieved, i.e. whether that's something the game has to support or whether drivers can handle displaying a "regular" version of the VR content on another display for any VR application.  I would suggest Googling around or checking out forums dedicated to VR for further clues on there, but as long as your discrete GPU controls the outputs of both the headset and the display, whatever solution you find there should work on your system.

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