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Volume issue for Dell Inspiron 7558

I'm having an issue with my Inspiron 7558. I am running windows 10. 

The volume is perpetually decreasing itself to zero. When I hold the volume up button on the keyboard, the screen will flash black and there will be a beeping sound. The volume will rise for a split second and then fall again, repeatedly lowering to 0.

When I put the computer into tablet mode I experience the inverse of this problem, the volume will be constantly increasing to 100.

Additionally in both tablet and regular mode, I am unable to launch the touch keyboard. I have tried running uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver, which has been unable to solve the problem. I don't believe it is a keyboard issue, because it should stop in tablet mode if that were the case.

Thanks for the help

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RE: Volume issue for Dell Inspiron 7558

We have an inspiron 7558 and have been having the same problem -- where the volume shoots up to 100% on its own.

Has anyone resolved this?

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