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Vostro 1310 "Control strip" buttons / Maintenance


Two issues here. Searched around a bit for this and that with no relevant results so here goes.

1) Been having this issue for a while, never really minded it but I'm handing this laptop away soon and I want this fixed. Tech support never really helped me with it so I just gave up on it. On this laptop there are 7 interface buttons which I refer to [Perhaps wrongfully] as a Control Strip. The buttons are Play/Pause, stop, previous, next, vol-down, vol-up, eject. The problem is that sometimes one or more of those buttons will light up and simultaneously press itself without being pressed. This is not interfering unless you have a CD inside and you're unlucky enough to get the eject button automatically pressed. It's also interfering with videos [Next/Previous/Play/Pause]. It's weird since once a button randomly "Presses itself" it stays lit until I press it myself. It's a real pain and I want to disable those buttons altogether. At one time they all got lit up and went flickering and my laptop tried ejecting a CD even though nothing was in there and this didn't stop until a restart. To prevent future pains for a less patient user I would like to know -How to disable those buttons?-

2) Regarding the same delivery of this laptop to another user, I'd like to hand it back clean. I've removed dust from everywhere except the area behind the keyboard, can anyone guide me as to how does one go about removing the back area of the keyboard? I've successfully removed the hard drive protector and the fan/vent area but don't know where to go on from there. I'm aware of the risk involved with opening everything on my own.

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