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Vostro 1700 Battery

I purchased a Vostro 1700 in December 2007.  It still has the original 85WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion battery.  The battery indicator on the right side is flashing orange 4-times then blue 1-time.  This flashing continues even after the laptop is powered down and only stops when the battery is physically removed.  The flashing starts up again immediately after the battery is re-inserted.

The battery meter shows the Total Battery Charge is 100% and the Battery Status is "Idle".  The battery Health shows the "battery is performing normally".

During the past 14 months, this unit has only operated on battery power for perhaps 15 minutes at a time on a few (perhaps 2-3) occasions.  It's normal mode of operation is on AC Power with the battery inserted.

The laptop is frequently left turned "ON", but in Sleep Mode, overnight to allow for backup of HD and download/updates to Vista, MS Office, QuickBooks and other software.

Any idea what is wrong?  Does the battery need to be replaced?

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Re: Vostro 1700 Battery

Not yet, but one or more of the cells in the battery is fault, so it will soon be time for a new one. 

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