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Vostro 1700 - need help using USB boot

Hello Community,

It's my first time here. I own a Vostro 1700 and recently I wanted to upgrade my software to Windows 7, seeing that the bundled Vista is kinda out of date today to make it step up a notch.

I found out that my DVD-ROM is no longer working. I tried to attach an external DVD-ROM and changed my bios setting so that the USB will boot first. But to no avail, it still jumps to Windows after I changed the settings. I upgraded my bios to the latest one also. If that helps.

Did I miss something on the settings? Or do I need to do something else?

Although I have not yet tried to formatting using the pen drive. I am not even so sure that it would work also.

Is there any advice you can give?

Vostro 1700 is capable of USB boot, isn't it?


I need your help dear community.


Thank you for taking time in reading my post.


Looking forward for very productive responses. Thank you very much.

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Re: Vostro 1700 - need help using USB boot

Nvm guys. Thank you so much.


But I will put this in for future reference:


I solved my problem. What I did was to remove first my internal dvdrom in order for the computer not to recognize it as it's the primary dvdrom. Then your computer should recognize the external dvdrom as primary. Be sure to check bios settings. For usb boot if that is necessary. Thank you very much.


Take care guys.

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