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Vostro 3555 HDD problems

Hello all. A few day ago my Vostro 3555 began to make clicking noises on start up and freezing, showing only that it had checked the Realtek (bios?). After many attempts, the machine finally boots and runs fine.

What I did:

Ran the Dell pre boot diagnostic: All good.

Ran the Seagate diagnostic: All good.

I finally decided to format the HDD and reinstall everything, first copying all my files to an external USB HDD and then my Win 7 original DVD.

The problem persists. NOTE: The failure is only with cold machine. Once it's up and running, I can re-boot just fine. I can also switch off and on and it works fine.


Doing a full backup with Parangon.

Getting ready to open up the machine to see if the HDD is properly seated.

My question: Is there anything specific to check once the machine is open?


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RE: Vostro 3555 HDD problems

Hi ppoodle,

I appreciate the trouble shooting steps tried to resolve the issue. Please flash BIOS and update the video drive. Click on the link below, enter the system service tag and click Submit. Select the Operating system from the drop down list to get drivers for your system model:


Reseating the HDD is a good idea and you may try reseating it. Click on the link below for the service manual:


Reply with the status to assist you further.

Thanks and Regards,
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