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Vostro 3700 BIOS update

I purchased a V3700 from a private owner with Win 10 and MS Office '16 installed. I logged on to support for the Service Tag and looked up needed driver updates. Downloaded A-10 BIOS update and began install. Video started showing progress of install but quickly faded to black. After several minutes of inactivity I turned off the 'puter and attempted reboot. No joy. No video although all keyboard indicators and HDD activity fired. After many attempts to reboot using numerous suggestions from interested bloggers, indicator activity was reduced to Power button. Thinking that I'd blown the MB, I purchased a new one and replaced the old one. Now the 'puter will cycle indicators and show almost continuous HDD activity and a lingering NumLock indicator. In the process of several rebuilds of the 3700 I've apparently blown one of the SODIMM chips, but the 3700 still boots(?) and the HDD activity continues. I'm now several months and several hundreds of dollars into recovering what at the start was a very serviceable laptop.

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