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Vostro 3700 Chipset driver installation fails

I have a 6 year old Vostro 3700 notebook which I really like.  Trying to update the software etc.

According to the Dell Web site's System Analysis, I need to update my Chipset and Intel Mgt engine.

My chipset is currently v. and the most recent on the Dell site is v9.1.1.1023.  I download and run the chipset driver installation - it appears to do things and claims to succeed.  I reboot. After::

  1. the System Analysis tool still claims I need to install the upgraded chipset driver.

  2. Device Manager - System Devices - Intel HM57 express chipset LPC  Interface Controller - 3B0B - driver version remains

I called Dell support - since I am out of wty, the fellow told me to first try to install the Intel driver from Intel's site and then to call back to start a paid support call.  

The Intel site appears to provide the driver.  There are links for v9.1.1.1025 and v9.1.1.1030.


My concern is that the generic intel drivers may be missing some Dell-specific tweaks.

So has anybody had problems with updates failing from the Dell site and what to do about it?

Second, has anybody installed Intel chipset drivers on a Dell notebook and had either success or grief?

Thank you in advance for any insights.


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