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Vostro 5470: Touchpad and BIOS


I have some weird problem. When i try to boot - BIOS began to beep. From manual i found that 2 beeps mean problem with the RAM. I replaced it with new RAM but the problem still exist. So i try to disconnect other parts of laptop. And find that with disconnected touchpad laptop starts fine and BIOS doesn't beep anymore.
So i try to plug-in touchpad during Windows booting - and it WORK!!! Yes - in Windows it work pretty fine.

So I have no idea what problem. May be someone have any suggestion?

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RE: Vostro 5470: Touchpad and BIOS

Hello nast90210

Thanks for writing to us.

Does it mean after booting up the machine (without the touchpad) if you connect back the touchpad everything seems to work fine?

Are you able to run the diagnostics from f12 menu with the touchpad connected?  If yes, please run the same and let us know how it goes.

Have you tried with one memory module at a time(just in case)?

Do provide us the system tag# and also confirm the name the system is registered under. Let us know the contact number and email address.


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