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Vostro A860 lid close resume from hibernate/sleep problem



I don't know why I'm posting to Laptop forums and it's saying it's posted in Desktop forums... The path (above) right now is

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So I'm posting for 3rd time, I hope it goes  in the correct forum now. :)

I couldn't find this problem described anywhere and I looked for it for other OS and other laptop models.

I'm using Vista Home Basic, SP1, fully updated. Vostro A860 laptop, all drivers and BIOS up to date (official ones provided by DELL, A02).


When I put system to hibernate or sleep (using Vista Start menu, or Fn+F2 shortcut, or automatic after certain time), it goes to sleep or hibernate properly, without any problems. I can bring it out of sleep/hibernate just fine, I press a key and it wake -- in the case of hibernate, I press Power button briefly, and it resumes.

If I put system in hibernate/sleep, then I close the lid -- it remains in sleep/hibernate, as it should. But -- I have to wait about 15 seconds before it starts resume process. In sleep's case, my power led is blinking. I open the lid, and it's still blinking, system doesn't respond to anything, then it resumes after 15 seconds.

If lid stays closed for a while (30 mins, 1 hour, more, etc), then when I open the lid I have to wait 2-3 minutes, because power button doesn't work. I have tried holding it for 1/2/4/10 seconds, nothing happens. If laptop is sleeping with lid open, then it can be resumed from hibernate/sleep right a way.

Resume process from sleep/hibernate is not long, it's normal. But the delay before it STARTS the resume process is 15ish seconds if I close/open, and minutes if lid stays closed for more than 30 minutes. Say if I close the lid, system goes to sleep, then I leave it sleeping for 30 minutes. Then I open it, and it doesn't change a thing -- power light is blinking, power button doesn't work at all. After 2-3 minutes if I press the power button briefly, it resumes properly from sleep and everything is fine. It feels like it freezes keyboard for a time that's related to time lid has stayed closed.


I know it sounds complicated, I have tried multiple scenarious, so if you need more info let me know. I don't know how to fix this problem, it's been a month.


Thank you :)

Georgi Iliev

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