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WWAN card for Precision 5510

Hi all,

Precision 5510 (with M.2 NVMe drive and 84 WHr battery) here; is it possible to add a WWAN (3G modem) M.2 card to this?  Is there a replacement M.2 for the existing WiFi / BT card that includes WWAN functionality?



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RE: WWAN card for Precision 5510

It doesn't look like Dell supports any WWAN cards on this model -- meaning that there won't be an antenna for WWAN in the system.

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RE: WWAN card for Precision 5510

There definitely isn't an additional open M.2 slot for WWAN, and unfortunately I don't know of any single cards that combine WiFi, BT, and WWAN.  I think Intel has some cards that do WiFi, BT, and WiMAX, but that standard never really got off the ground and is not very widely supported by carriers. Sorry!

EDIT: And yeah, totally forgot about the lack of an antenna being an issue.  Oops!

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