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Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus and Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series

I recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus from Best Buy when purchasing my new Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series laptop based on their claim that it was compatible with this laptop.  However, I can get it to connect and open the windows ink workspace apps but I can't seem to get it to actually work as a pen on the touchscreen.  Is there something that I'm doing wrong or is it not actually compatible?  Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a touchscreen notebook - not a true digitizing tablet.  You can use a capacitive stylus (these generally have a broad, soft rubber tip), but not a true active stylus - the ink features/pressure sensitivity that come with a true digitizing screen are not present on your system.

Very few 17" systems are going to have a true wacom (or equivalent) digitizer -- not many 15" ones do, either.  You will find much more choice in the 12-13" market - if you're looking for it from Dell, the only model you'll currently find is the XPS 13 9365.

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