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Waking an XPS 15" 9560

So my first windows computer in a decade and I chose an XPS 15 9560. I primarily use it as a work machine - plugged in most of the time at the office. I will bring it home occasionally to work from the house, but primarily it is sitting on my desk. 

When this laptop enters sleep mode, it appears that the only way you can wake it is by either repeatedly hitting keys on the keyboard (it sometimes works after about 10-15 seconds) or hitting the power button. When in clamshell mode, I have to open the computer and hit the power button and close it again. I have disabled hibernation mode in case anyone was wondering. All drivers and BIOS were updated to their most recent versions. 

Here are some specifics of my setup:

  1. Microsoft Bluetooth External keyboard.
  2. Microsoft Wireless USB Mouse
  3. Dell TB 16 Dock w/ DisplayPort out to an external monitor *

* I recently bought the TB 16 in hopes it would correct this issue. It works flawlessly, but it does not solve the problem I am having with sleep mode. I was hoping this computer would work like a MacBook Pro in that when in clamshell mode, it acts as a desktop computer. No need to open and close it - it just works w/ all wireless devices and external monitor(s). When not in clamshell mode, A simple closing the screen would put it to sleep, and opening it would instantly wake it back up.

Is this possible in the Windows laptop world or is it just a Mac thing? 

I am still in the return window, so I am wondering if the issue I am having is a general windows problem (would this happen on a Surface Book?) or an XPS 15 issue.

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