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Warning message when I start the computer

I bought  a dell inspiron 15-3552 two months ago but three days ago every time i turn on my laptop there is this warning message " WARNING: the battery is not recommended for this system, the system will be unable to charge this battery." I already check if the battery and plug are working and everything seems ok except for the fact that i'm still receiving this message. What should i do? 

I hope to have a replay soon from you 

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RE: Warning message when I start the computer

Method 1

A) Power off computer, unplug the Ac adapter from the wall socket, close the display and turn the Computer over. Remove the battery from the laptop

B} Press and hold in the " Power On " button for 15 seconds then release. Replace the battery

C) Plug the Ac adapter into the wall socket, then the laptop. Press the "Power On" button. Hopefully there no battery error


Method 2

A) Type troubleshooting control panel onto the (Cortana) search bar, click on "View All ", and then click on Power.


Method 3

A) Update System Setup (BIOS)