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Warranty transfer from Qutar to india

Res Sirs,

My brother in law is bringing laptop from Quatar . 

1. Can the laptop will continue its warranty or has to transfer same in india ?

2. Whether I have to purchase international extension  warranty  , if yes at what indian price?? 

Please update me on my email id <Email id removed> or sms on <Phone number removed>.I m intending to protect my gadget from accident also . 

waiting your kind feedback.  

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RE: Warranty transfer from Qutar to india

1.  Only if the model is also sold in India.  If it's not, the warranty cannot be transferred.  Additionally, be VERY careful that you can track its origin - if you cannot (i.e., the service tag comes up invalid), the warranty won't transfer.

2.  You must purchase at least a year's onsite service in order to transfer the warranty internationally.  The basic 12-month warranty is valid only in the country of original sale.

For the cost, contact Dell India and have the service tag handy when you do.

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