Weird Battery Behavior.

Hi I have a Inspiron 1545 (tag fwt15bs) 2010 model.

in 2014, my battery was no longer working. I used the laptop on direct power with battery removed for many months. Eventually i bought a new battery from a dell store quoting my model and service tag.

The new battery behaves weirdly.

Now in case of a power cut , the laptop stays on. The battery icon on the task bar shows either of 2 signs. One a blinking cross x mark or a blinking exclamation mark.

If it is a cross mark, the sign remains, and i can use the laptop as it is and the battery last as much it is supposed to.

If it is a exclamation mark, it shows a message that 99% battery is remaining and amount of time remaining (say 3-4 hours) but advises to connect a power source or alternate battery. The type of message you get when your battery charge is at its end. After 2-3 minutes, the laptop shuts down.

Now to resolve this, I restart the laptop. Once it restarts , the exclamation sign changes to cross sign and all is good. This happens every time like a alternate cycle. if the exclamation mark comes, a restart will definitely bring the cross mark.

Now there is no logic as to if the cross comes or the exclamation mark in the first place in case of a power cut. It is random.

Strange being the fact, the battery is brand new. I have flashed the bios but that did not solve anything.

Please let me know if this is a know problem and how to solve it.

Sometimes it becomes troublesome to restart as all sessions needs to be disconnected.

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Mary G
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RE: Weird Battery Behavior.

Go back to removing the battery and using just the adapter alone. It sounds like the replacement is not a good match for your old model. It would have been better to save the $100 for the battery and put it towards a new computer.