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What Coin Cell battery is used in a 17R-7720?

I need to replace the Coin Cell battery in my 17R-7720. I would like to have the replacement on hand before I open up the computer so I can get the job done in one sitting. The operator's manual (service manual) goes into great detail on how to replace the battery but no where could I find listed WHAT battery it takes. Can anyone identify what is the correct battery for this computer?

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RE: What Coin Cell battery is used in a 17R-7720?

This isn't a definite answer, but statistically it's going to be a CR2032 because they almost always are.  If you don't get a firm answer from another owner who's done this before and happens to remember, I'd either buy a few different sizes (they're only $1-2 each) or just give up on doing it in one sitting.  After all, it's not more work to do it in two separate phases unless you have to go out of your way to protect the disassembled components from kids, pets, etc.

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