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What is the correct downloaded driver?


I am reinstalling my daughters Latitute 120L. The Windows XP CD did it's job, leaving me with WXP/SP2.

I installed a virusscanner and connected to the Internet. to collect SP3 and other updates.


It appeared that for the drivers for the Ethernet-controller, the Network controller, the PCI Device, the Videocontroller and the VGA-compatible Videocontroller were not present.

On my own computer I found the drivers for the Dell. I made a list, and downloaded all drivers to a USB-stick

I also found instructions for how and in what order to install the various drivers.

But Looking on the USB-stick I gind ZIPS like 102.ZIP, in which JDS4_102.exe. None of the terms used in the instructions are found in the files, and none of the file names features in the instructions

How can I identify what driver is in which file?



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