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What to buy : E6440 i5 or E6430 i7 ?

I have an offer for two different latitude models with the same price.

The first is the E6440 with i5 4300M 2.7Ghz / 8GB ram / 500GB SSHD / HD 8790M Graphics 2GB / 5 yr NBD On-Site.

The second is the E6430 with i7-3540M (3.0GHz) / 8GB ram / 750GB SATA ( 7200Rpm) / Intel HD Graphics 4000 / 5 yr NBD On-Site.

Please advice what is the better equipment. The most recent with lower CPU and better graphics or the previous model with higher CPU and hybrid drive ?

Your help is appreciated


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RE: What to buy : E6440 i5 or E6430 i7 ?

The i5 with SSD will be faster overall than the i7 system.

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