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When is the XPS 13 finally coming out with Ivy Bridge...

I'm sure I'm not the only one anticipating the release of the XPS 13 with Ivy Bridge.  I find it ridiculous the chips been released for months and every other ultrabook on the market has Ivy Bridge chips except the XPS 13.  The only "ultrabooks" that dell has with IB are those ridiculously ugly and by all standards no different from a normal laptop, but Dell decided it would be cool to call them ultrabooks as well.  Are you kidding me?  I have $1200 in Gift Cards I purchased from Dell anticipating an IB XPS 13 and I am seriously regretting it.  Had I known it would take this long for an IB upgrade on the XPS 13, I would have bought an HP ultrabook.  So when is this supposed to happen, does anyone know?

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Re: When is the XPS 13 finally coming out with Ivy Bridge...

Oh they know... but if they told us they would sacrifice existing SB XPS 13 sales.  I agree it's pretty bad that they don't have IB on this yet when HP/Apple/Asus/Sammy all have IB available now.  I too really want to buy this, but will probably cross to the dark side and get an Air since I can't wait too much longer for Dell to release the IB version.  

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