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Where to buy Inspiron 7720 SE Motherboard Replacement? Is it 72P0M 072P0M DA0R09MB6H1?

Hi I recently made this post here which is still unanswered:

I guess I'm just going to replace the motherboard then and hopefully that should solve my new issue now (described there [no video output to built in LCD]).

However I want to at least make sure I purchase the correct system board! Is this the correct model of the motherboard in the 7720 SE? 

072P0M DA0R09MB6H1

I can't seem to find anywhere to buy directly from dell! It seems to be hard to even find any place to buy it... I found some one ebay though:

So if I purchase this board it's the correct board for the 17R 7720 SE correct? It does appear to be the correct one, but is it 100% the right one?


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I know it's probably a lot too late, but just in case you were still interested, I believe 072P0M is the part number for the 2D motherboard. I have a 3D and the part number is CN-0MPT5M. There should be a sticker on the mother board that starts with CN or DP/N...There's a small panel on the underside of the laptop that you open to reveal the hard drive...over by the memory, there was a sticker with the part number on it. That's where I found mine. If you are still looking, I found some on

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well apparently they are fresh out :( [Even talked to Ben through the site chat support, see if they had one that just wasn't listed, they dont]

lol seems like before they released the a16 bios that everyone bought up all the mobo's LOL

thanks anyway though

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another place to check for Dell laptop parts is

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