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Which laptop configuration should I choose?

Hello everyone. I'm looking for some opinions on which laptop configuration I should use. I'm going to purchase an entry level Sager gaming laptop. It comes down to the Sager NP5855 or the Sager NP6852. Should I opt for the 6852 with a 1080p IPS display, fingerprint sensor, multicolor keyboard, gtx 1050ti, 8gb ram, 1tb hard drive 7200rpm. Or the 5855 with 1080p non IPS display, no fingerprint sensor, white illuminated keyboard, gtx 1050 not ti, 16gb ram, and Samsung Evo 250 SD. They would be the exact same price which is what I can afford. My main thing is the IPS display and 1050ti with the 6852 or the 16gb of ram and ssd with the 5855. Sorry for the long post, appreciate any comments.please help.

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References: http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3396854/laptop-configuration-choose.html

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RE: Which laptop configuration should I choose?

Some notes:  This is a Dell forum, so you'll likely get more advice in a more generalist forum.

The NP5855 is a Clevo N855HJ model;  the 6852 is the N850 HK1.  These notebooks are sold by many vendors -- mostly "boutique" brands -- Sager is the largest one, but it's not particularly highly regarded for support.  Look around -- there are resellers with MUCH better support ratings than Sager that sell the same systems - often at the same or even lower prices.

Both systems are fundamentally similar - they both use soldered-in CPUs and GPUs, so they're not upgradeable (but just about nothing in this price class/size range is any longer).  The IPS display IS worth the added cost (I have a Clevo P775DM-G that's one of the best screens I've ever seen, and it's a  Samsung IPS).

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