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Which new laptop to choose please help studio 1747 or xps 16

On the 26th Dec I ordered a studio 17 with the I7 720 processor with a delivery date of 2nd feb. Since i placed the order, there has been quite a few people posting concerning this laptop with this processor with a massive fault relating to the processor/bios fault and that the processor doesnt perform to its processors optimum.


After contacting dell, they informed me that the problem is being fixed and it is a combination of the motherboard and bios. The bios is being updated and they have changed the motherboard to a pm55. There has been posts though to say that the motherboard has always been a pm55 and that a new bios released a few days ago has noy cured the problems. They also expalin on this forum that a quick fix is to remove and reinstall the cmos battery which gives a temp fix.


My concerns are massive as I use the laptop for work. I cant afford any downtime as soon as I start using a new machine.


Is there any body out there who has this machine?

The other advice I need is that Im tempted to cancel the order and choose an older processor some like an xps 16 with a 8700 or a xps 13. Amazingly, this will cost me more than the I7 but at least we have reliability.


Can anyone give any advice into which one to choose

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