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Which non-Dell docking stations for XPS 13 9365?

I have the XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 and I want a docking station without paying £££s.

What non-Dell docking station are people using?

many thanks

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RE: Which non-Dell docking stations for XPS 13 9365?

It is a little hard to judge price if you don't say which capabilities you want the dock to have.  If you needed just Ethernet, those aren't bad.

I have the TB 16, which seems to work well but is expensive.  I cannot attest to its capabilities with multiple monitors since I don't run my system that way.

I also have a StarTech.com dock (# DKT30CHPD) which has HDMI (4K) Ethernet and USB.  

I will suggest you evaluate your needs prior to buying a dock.  Getting one which has the capabilities is better than buying several for different capabilities.  If for no other reason that drivers for the different docks may be different.

I should mention, the TB 16 has its own power supply where the StarTech one does not.  Of course, this adds to the cost but does give you a backup supply for your system.

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