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?: Which resolution for Photoshop?

Hello everyone,

I am going to be purchasing a Dell Precision 4700 soon and will be using it for Photoshop and QuickBooks. Using it in Photoshop will be my primary function.

I understand that Photoshop will not run properly with high resolution Windows displays because the User Interface is not scaled properly, thus, the size of all of the tools in Photoshop are microscopic and you can barely see them.

Ive noticed that Photoshop is listed as a partner of Dell on the website so I'm confused about either there is a way to use Photoshop on the high resolution display OR the Photoshop program will only function properly on the lower resolution display 1920x1080?

Can you please let me know if Photoshop will only work on the lower rez screen and if so is there anything i can do to make it work on a higher resolution display?

Also, would Dell Precision Optimizer be helpful when running Photoshop?

thanks so much for your help!

best to you,


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