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Why I am returning my new (4 week old) Dell Inspiron 5567 Signature Edition tomorrow.

1) Even if no other problems, the solid touchpad is an insurmountable problem.

It's a horrible idea (rather than having the left click and right click 2 separated pieces.

I'm CONSTANTLY getting the right click menu when I left click.

2) The other insurmountable problem is that pages - not just web pages, but text files also - will on their own rapidly scroll to the top or bottom of the page.

I spend a decent amount of time, when I am not undoing the unwated right clicks from the touchpad, re-scrolling to find my place.

Unbearable problem.

Thought perhaps a Firefox issue, but then when text files started doing it, I have to blame it on Dell. (Or Windows 10?).

3) Previous touchpads let me scroll using 1 finger, not requiring 2.

Also I was able to make a circular motion with 1 finger to scroll.

Not possible on this touchpad.

4) TV has only recognized the HDMI cable twice.

No response to my asking how to remedy this in this forum.

5) Several times I've gotten the message "Power surge on the USB port
Device.  Port needs more power than can be supplied."

This has occurred on all of the 3 ports.

One device which caused it is an external hard drive which I've used with other computers without having an issue.

The other device it occurred with multiple times their tech support person hadn't heard of this issue and I've never seen it mentioned in any forum.

6) Where are the Dell employee tech support people in the forum?


Is it really the job of the customers to help other customers with tech problems?

Why have a forum and not assign a tech person/persons to respond?

I appreciate all the response I have received but got no response to one issue of the HDMI cable. I appreciate one person volunteering to look into the scrolling but after a week or so nothing further.

Will try another company's computer. And will avoid solid touchpads, and check the touchpad options before purchasing.

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RE: Why I am returning my new (4 week old) Dell Inspiron 5567 Signature Edition tomorrow.


1) I find that almost all computers are now made with a solid state touchpad which is disappointing but I guess I'll use a remote mouse.

I assume the solid state touchpad is cheaper to make.

2) I bought an Acer (I'm not plugging that brand - it's the first Acer I've purchased just as this Dell was my 1st -  but just by way of comparison).

I used it for 2 days so far and not once has the page scrolled at top speed on its own.

So I would call that a Dell problem and not a Windows 10 problem.

3) The touchpad like the Dell requires 2 finger scrolling and no circular motion scrolling.

Unfortunate for me but as I said I'll use a mouse.

4) Only used the HDMI cable once so far but it worked at once with no problem.

The Dell also worked the 1st and 3rd times I tried, but no others, so will post here if I get the HDMI issue with the Acer.

5) No problems with the ports including using the same 2 devices the Dell had problems with.

I also found something else I don't like about Dell - I called the tech support # to get guidance on resetting the computer to factory install, and was told that there is a 1 year hardware warranty but no warranty tech support for software.

I know companies all try to cut back on tech support especially by phone, but this is ridiculous.

I was not calling them due to problems with 3rd party software I was installing, but questions about their own restoral software procedures.

The Acer has 1 year hardware and 6 months software.

So overall I don't expect to be purchasing another Dell computer ever again.

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RE: Why I am returning my new (4 week old) Dell Inspiron 5567 Signature Edition tomorrow.

PS - Dell did give me a one time courtesy tech support for the computer reset, which I appreciate.

But again, I don't think it should be necessary to give a courtesy, as imo this should be included as part of the 1 year tech support.