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Why Won't Dell Honor My Warranty?

I purchased a brand new Dell Inspiron laptop in January of 2016. I returned the first one to the place of purchase right away because the screen was scratched from the inside.

The second one started having issues with performance soon after I started using it. I was on a long vacation at the time, so I just lived with it. When I was able to call Dell, they worked on it remotely for many, many hours and had me do a bunch of stuff to it, plus all of the time I spent backing up my files and then reloading programs several times. They wanted me to send it in for repair, but that was the only computer I had to use for my home business, so I could not send it in till I at least knew my old computer was working. When I finally got it working a little, I called to have it sent in. Dell had closed my case!!

Then the old computer gave out entirely, so I was back to this Dell being my only computer. I had to wait until I could purchase another new computer to use while I sent this Dell back to be repaired. (I purchased the Dell because my old computer wasn't working!!)

I finally purchased a new computer (actually another more expensive Dell laptop that was an open box item from Best Buy). It had many of the same issues that the first Dell had, so I returned it for an exchange. I now have a working hp laptop. This is now my only working computer!!!!

When I started over with Dell support, they put me through the same garbage of working on it remotely and having me spend hours doing things and backing up files and reloading programs after they did factory resets, etc. It never solved the problems. It actually created new ones. The screen became washed out and slightly fuzzy-- not bright and crisp as it had been. Then, on their last remote attempt, the computer would not come back. They finally took it to the repair depot in January of 2017.

When I received it back, some issues seemed to be fixed but others were not. Some came back as I used it. Finally, they sent a technician from WorldWide Tech to my house repair it. She same on Feb. 14, 2017 and replace a large number of parts. She did not have all of the parts needed to repair everything, because the computer shorted out every time she plugged it in. She worked on it for at least 2.5 hours that day.

She returned to my house on Feb. 18 and replace the other parts. It has to reload / reboot what she replaced. She said it would take about an hour, and she left. After awhile, I kept getting an error message that Windows could not complete the installation. I pressed on OK two more times and still kept getting the same error message. So now this computer has beenth!! totally not working since Feb. 14!!

I called the tech that did the work, and she said I had to call Dell. I did so, got put on hold with that horrible music they play, got shuffled around to several people, got put on hold several more times. The agent told me it had gone to the Escalation Team, and that they would have to call me. He said they would call me back within 24 hours. That was Friday at 12:25 p.m. ET. It is now Monday at 1:24 p.m., and they have not called.

I called Dell again, got put on hold, was hung up on, called back, was put on hold again, transferred a couple of times. The agent checked on the case and said the Escalation Team needed to call me. She said she would notate my account that I am waiting for the call. She said she hoped they would call me today.

The only thing I know to do is contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint or talk to my <deleted>. Dell does not seem to want to honor their warranty. They made a very defective product and will not properly repair or replace it. They do not care how much of my time, extreme inconvenience and aggravation and the expense of purchasing a new computer that this whole situation has put me through. All of their agents have been polite. Aireen, who helped me the most, was great about keeping me informed for all of the time she was overseeing this case. The people who were supposed to repair it or provide parts that were not defective have severely dropped the ball. I know for a fact that Dell the company does not care about their customers or their needs or how much aggravation they put us through.

If anyone can truly help me resolve this mess, I would greatly appreciate it.