Wi-Fi connection dropping on Inspiron 15 (3520, Mid 2012)

Laptop: Inspiron 15 (3520, Mid 2012) 

Problem: The laptop's wireless connection to the router drops multiple times an hour only on the laptop not any other devices.

Temporary Solution: Disconnecting and reconnecting allows me to reconnect but it then drops again later. Connecting via Ethernet works well but it is a hassle to deal with.

Troubleshooting Done: I've gone through almost all of the network related troubleshooting suggestions on Microsoft's site. The only one I haven't done is reinstall the BIOS. I've also disabled the Bluetooth connection to see if it would hep and it didn't. The Dell Diagnostic tool didn't find any issues with it after doing a "Complete system diagnostic".

Potential Causes: I think the problem is being caused by a faulty network card. If not then it could have to due to the fact that I am using a fairly out-dated router (Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router).

Any solutions that you know that work or could work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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RE: Wi-Fi connection dropping on Inspiron 15 (3520, Mid 2012)


Thank you for reaching us

Could you please confirm what is the wireless card that you're using?

Did you try installing the latest drivers available? If not, Please plug in a Ethernet cable, Open "Device manager" and remove the wireless drivers completely.

Reboot the PC and download the latest drivers from www.dell.com/support

Also to confirm if it is due to the outdated router, you may try connecting to any other wireless networks, If the laptop works alright, that will confirm the fault is not with the wireless card.

Thank you

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RE: Wi-Fi connection dropping on Inspiron 15 (3520, Mid 2012)

Hi Customercare.upl,

Thanks for your post on the Dell Community!

Have you tried an external wifi card?  They're fairly inexpensive, really small, and will help you diagnose if it's the internal card, the drivers, or the BIOS that's having the problem.

Here's an example


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