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Wi-Fi inaccessible after changing Operating System - HELP!

My niece bought a used Dell Vosotro 1440 laptop at a university sale.  It already had Windows 7 OS installed.  It had Wi-Fi capability and worked just fine.  She put in a password, but later forgot it.  She came to me for help.  I had no clue how to recover the password.

Since it was a used laptop, she did not have the original Windows 7 OS installation or repair disks.  And all I had was my own Windows Vista installation disk from my PC.  So I installed Vista on her laptop instead. 

Everything works fine now, except the laptop does not see any Wi-Fi signal.  The laptop uses the Realtek network hardware, and so I downloaded the driver from the Realtek website for Windows Vista and installed that.  Still nothing.

Does anybody know how to get the Wi-Fi back up and running?

Your help would be sincerely appreciated.


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RE: Wi-Fi inaccessible after changing Operating System - HELP!

Hello! First thing I see is the laptop was made after vista went off the market, so there could be a driver issue even with the ones you downloaded from realtek.  Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft :-(

You can try and get a windows 7 download from microsoft here. Download it to a dvd or usb drive and it may work out for you.  Sometimes microsoft gets fussy with OEM licenses, which they will ask you for by the way and that can normally be found on the bottom of the laptop or in the battery compartment. 

If you dont want to mess with all that, you can try the windows 7 network driver located here under network.  

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