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Wifi is not working on my Dell Precision 4500 which I'm setting up for use for first time


I'm looking forward to a nice reply that will solve my problem.

I bought a Dell Precision 4500 in 2011 - and am now trying to use it for the first time. Its original hard drive and keyboard failed immediately when started up in 2011. Dell Support sent me replacements and told me to fit them which I did. The replacement hard drive was supplied without software.  Due to an ongoing office move I could not install this at the time and parked the laptop and its software.

 I now need to use this 'as new' laptop. I have reloaded the operating system and system software.  The laptop appears to be functioning apart from wifi - 

When wifi button is turned on, no blue light appears. (have tried both positions, understand no red visible means it is on)

When I try to connect, message says "Plug in an Ethernet cable" - no option is given for wireless.

From Resources disc check, Intel drivers appear to be installed for the wifi card.

From checking Control Panel, Devices, I see that the following drivers are not installed

Broadcom USH (Code 28)

Network Controller

Unknown Device on PCI  (code 28)

Went into BIOS to check under Settings, but nothing there to see apart from "General" category - blank page beside Wireless.

Please would you advise me how to get the wifi working.

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