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Wifi network notshowing

I have inspiron 15 with win 10. For some reason the system is not detecting the wifi that I would like to connect to. However It is showing other networks .. my phone is picking up the network.. but not laptop..

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RE: Wifi network notshowing


Try right clicking on my computer and hitting mange, hit device manager and scroll to network adapters and expand it and select your wifi card. from there hit uninstall but do not remove the driver. after that look up top for a computer with a magnifying glass and it will scan for changes which will then reinstall your driver for your wireless.
warning this will remove all saved wireless passwords......

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RE: Wifi network notshowing

Hi eby75,

Is it possible the network you are trying to connect to is a 5G network? I have noticed that, even though most wireless cards are designed to now connect to 5G networks, sometimes it doesn't always show up. Try turning off the wireless card and turning it back on....or, just doing a hard POWER reset of the router. 


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