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Wifi only work on mains power Dell XPS 13 9360

My wifi when plugged in is fine, downloading as expected at around 100Mbs as soon as I disconnect the power even on 100% battery the download rate drops to less than .02Mbs.

I've updated all the drivers and the BIOS using the Dell updating tools.

The Dell support assist is just sitting on data transfer verification test after 17 minutes.

I cant download the Killer drivers as it tells me theyre not signed for the system.

it basically makes the laptop unusable on battery, which is one of the main points of having a laptop.

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RE: Wifi only work on mains power Dell XPS 13 9360

I have seen some comments with such a situation when running the Killer Software Suite or whatever it is called.  I don't remember the power source being involved.

There is a Killer Rep moving around this community so maybe he could help.

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