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Will Changing my DVD Drive Letter from E to D Cause any Problems?


I have an XPS 8300 desktop and an XPS 17 laptop, both running Windows 7.

The desktop hard drive has 2 parititions: C, E, and F. The DVD drive is D, its orginal location.

The laptop is brand new, with only the standard factory software installed. It has 2 hard drives, C and D, with the DVD at E.

For work, i need to transfer projects back and forth between the 2 computers, so Ineed to have my data and programs in the same partitions on both systems. Are there likely to be any problems if I swap the letters of the DVD drive and 2nd HDD on the new laptop - to D for the DVD, and E for the HDD?  The HDD is empty, so nothing is currently "connected" to that letter. 



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Re: Will Changing my DVD Drive Letter from E to D Cause any Problems?

It wont let you reassign drive letters that are being used.

So D and E will have to temporarily be changed to F and G then Make D and E the way you wish.

There are no issues doing this other than looking for driver sourcepath in the registry may need to be changed.

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