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Will Opening my Dell XPS 13 Void my Warranty?

Just earlier, my Dell XPS 13 went comatose on me. I pressed the power button, held it down, and nothing happened. Usually, if my laptop dies on me, I could press the power button and be shown the BIOS screen, but like I said, nothing's happening at all, no matter how many times I press or hold the power button. I've tried two Dell XPS 13 chargers (both work perfectly with my friend's Dell XPS 13), and both will lose the LED light whenever plugged into my laptop.

I've checked many sources online, and people say it's either a bad motherboard or I need to open my laptop, unplug the battery, drain it, and plug it back in. Before using my warranty, I'd like to try the second trick.

My question is: Will opening my Dell XPS 13 void my warranty?

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RE: Will Opening my Dell XPS 13 Void my Warranty?

No, but if you damage anything, they can deny service.  Let Dell handle it under warranty.

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