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Will never buy another dell product !!!

So to start with I always thought dell was a good reputable company ,but after buying my new laptop I have learned otherwise. My problem started months ago with lagging and freeze ups among other problems . I called dell they worked on it some and said it was good to go . and for 2 days it was . Then the problem returned . I called back only to be told it was a software issue that I should contact Microsoft . I spoke with them many many times over the last few months trying to resolve the same issue .with them doing lots of installing and removing different versions of windows which had no effect on the problem that just kept getting worst . then I started getting a noise from inside the laptop right before it would freeze up . This time I was told hardware issue contact dell . I called dell back again only to be told I'm 12 days outta warranty . They will fix it if I pay up ! What kind of company wont stand behind a product they no ive been having trouble out of since about 2 months after I got it . I'm sorry but that's horrible . I'm a mechanic and if my customer is having the same recurring problems for months thers no way I'm gona just throw them to the side without a care in the world . I hate it to I was so proud of my new dell when I got it ,and now its the biggest regretful purchase ive made in years . So I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of buying anything from them not to . Once they get your money they don't care if the product works or not . I'm starting here telling everyone about how *** there company is ,but I will tell everyone I come across from here on out ,and will post on every social media site I'm a member of .  I think I'm gonna sit the thing on the counter at work with a buyer beware sign on it . That way maybe just maybe I can save someone else from the horrible service I received from Dell and there pack of barely English speaking tech people who are also rude!  

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RE: Will never buy another dell product !!!

Thank you for your message.

Truly apologize that we were not able to provide you with an experience that was completely satisfactory to you. I assure you that this situation is not indicative of the quality service Dell is capable of providing.

We will be glad to look into this for you based on the system details & within our support boundaries.

Please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & a brief on the present issue.

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