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Win10 Dell Inspiron System Backup/Recovery

With Win10, I have created a System Repair disk for my laptop and plan to also use the Win10 option to create a full system backup. 

Question: Will this be enough to fully re-image my laptop if that is a catastrophic HD failure?  

On a Win7 Dell laptop,  Dell also provided a System Backup/Recovery capability but I can not find that on my Win10 system?...has it been discontinued or do I now have to order it?

Any advice and guidance would be great.


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RE: Win10 Dell Inspiron System Backup/Recovery

With a Win 10 system, if the system is capable, you can reset your install to a new hard drive and have a Factory install.  I may keep some of your settings if you choose but it will basically be as it came from the factory.  By capable, I mean one set up to allow for the OEM utilities in the recovery partition being able to be copied over to the Recovery drive along with the Win 10 image.

If you want something to recover to your current install you will need an image.  I use the one in Windows but it is limited in some aspect.  Others suggest using a third party imaging software.

I don't think the Dell backup software is available on the Win 10 systems..

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