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Win7 install on Mini 1010

I have an OCZ 120GB Solid State Drive in My 1010 with Vista on it. Vista istalled and ran fine.  I wanted to install Win7 on the SSD so I flashed the SSD to the newest Firmware, did a Sanitary Erase on the SSD and attempted to install Win7.  Win7 would not install and kept trying to partition/format the SSD but was not able to then it would not see the drive. 

So I cleared the CMOS and tried again, but it did the same thing.  next I re-installed Vista to make sure the Firmware update on the SSD was fine and Vista did run without any problems.  Next, checked the Bios version and had the most recent one...  Then did a clean erase and tried to format the drive from Win7 disc/repair/dos promt and used DiskPart..... still had the same problems. 

Next I took the SSD and installed it in my desktop and Win7 installed fine on the drive, so that means that the SSD does not have a problem with Win7.  next I re-installed my Western Digital spinning Hard Drive in the 1010 and Win7 installed fine!!!

So, Vista installs fine on the SSD in the 1010... Win7 installs fine on the WD drive in the 1010....  Win7 installs fine on the SSD in the desktop.... so why can't I get Win7 to install on the SSD in the 1010?????


Thanks in advance.....

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