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Windows 10 compatible with Windows 7 Hardware Accessories?

My laptop is a Precision M4500, dual i7, Service Tag BN27LN1. I've been looking online but I've found no definite answer to my question. I want to upgrade to Windows 10, it looks nice and I like how it runs on my home desktop and our work desktops. But I'm not certain I want to upgrade if I lose my ability to login via fingerprint. I've got the little Broadcom Swipe Sensor, about as wide as 3.5mm audio jack and about as long as the metal tip protruding from said 3.5mm audio jack. If I do upgrade to Win10, is there any way I'd still be able to use my fingerprint scanner? And will it effect any of the other components of my laptop?

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RE: Windows 10 compatible with Windows 7 Hardware Accessories?


Unfortunately, as you  know, there are no Windows 10 drivers available for this computer. If you install Windows 10 you may have other issues with the computer hardware not working because of no driver support.

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