Windows 10 is at 100% disk usage on Inspiron

I have a new(April 2015) Inspiron 3542. It has Intel i3 w/ 4gb ram, touch screen, is 1.90Ghz and 750gb Hd. It came with windows 8.1. I was told it would be Windows 10 ready and I was admonished by both Dell and MSFT to upgrade as soon as it was available. At first the upgrade worked well and I was happy to be using something better than the plagued 8.1. But soon after my system seemed to hang regularly. I couldn't open any apps, the windows start button wouldn't respond, I couldn't open the all important notification center. Basically the Windows explorer shell would completely stall making my system utterly useless. Not just slowed but completely stopped. Unacceptable. It did not take me long to see in task manger that disk usage was pinned to 100%. The process most often at the top of the list was the Dell Data Vault, though not always. I've tried all the suggestions provided at various forums. I've dropped all startup processes including dropbox, OneDrive, dashlane and the facial recognition Sensible Vision app which no matter what I do, I can't uninstall even though my supposed free use of it, expired months ago. I'm so thoroughly frustrated and upset with both Dell and MSFT, I'm quite prepared to bring legal action to get my money back for this complete Lemmon. I'm no idiot, i had spent years providing tech and helpdesk support starting with Windows 95. I've had innumerable Dell Gold support accounts. I've been using Dell machines running various versions of the MSFT OS for over 20 years and I'm only inches from discarding that relationship in favor for the stability of Apple. A decision I equate to a complete change of religion, something most people do not do as readily as I'm prepared to do right now, I'm that angry with the 2 of them. I've run the windows performance SDK and have the chart to show where the whole thing goes to [profanity removed], but I'm not going to bother to post it until I see that someone at Dell would find it useful. What I would like is a response from someone here who will admit that this a problem that clearly I'm not the only one experiencing. I see this issue posted at everywhere from TOMS to windows central to the MSFT community forums and all I see on these is the tier 1 support responses so basic they insult the intelligence of anyone with even the vaguest understanding of their devices. Because my machine is so hung and inoperable I'm posting this via my phone, making a proper search to see if there is an admission that this is a known issue and that Dell is working on it almost impossible. Well, are you working on it? Do you have a response before, I earnestly tell every user ive ever had contact with professionally, in my 20 year work history, to stay the [profanity removed] away from both Dell and MSFT in favor of companies who actually want their customer's money and satisfaction and more importantly their capacity to be productive with their investment in either? PS, I know full well I'm running an under powered lower end laptop, but I'm not the one who claimed it was still meeting all system requirements and would run Windows 10 without issue.

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RE: Windows 10 is at 100% disk usage on Inspiron

This is primarily a user to user forum so you may not get an 'official' response, however some things come to mind.   Please note as you may have already encountered, Windows 10 is having a lot of 'out of the gate' issues which may or may not be fixed in the next big patch push (TH2) in November.  That said, you didn't say if you downloaded the windows 10 drivers from the support page at Dell or not?  Several Dell programs also seem to not be compatible with Windows 10 just yet.  If you can't uninstall them, what I would do is roll back to windows 8.1, remove all the programs you don't want/need, then re-install Windows 10 (or better yet wait until middle November) and make sure you have the updated drivers for Windows 10 from Dell.com.

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RE: Windows 10 is at 100% disk usage on Inspiron

Hi waningphilosophic

I am not Sure as to how much this will help you.

Please do check out this Link Below and let us know if this helps you.




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RE: Windows 10 is at 100% disk usage on Inspiron

Hello and thank you for posting on the HP support forums.  What you have happening here is not a hardware issue.  This is a common issue with windows 8.1 and an update.

Task Manager shows the disk to be at 100% utilization despite a light or no workload, and the system may experience lag or become unresponsive. In addition, the system event log contains numerous events with Event ID 129, which represent resets of the disk controller.

While device resets can be caused by a varying number of factors, we are aware of issues with some Advanced Host Controller Interface PCI-Express(AHCI PCIe) models that causes these symptoms in Windows 10 when running with the inbox StorAHCI.sys driver. Due to a firmware bug, the Solid-state drive (SSD) does not properly complete input/output when Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI) mode is enabled. As a result, the Windows storage stack attempts to reset the device after waiting on unresponsive reads or writes for a period of time.



Step 1: Open the task manager. First we're gonna open the task manager and take a look at our disk usages. ... Step 2: Open cmd.exe. So now that we know that our disk usages is too high we're gonna try to fix that. ... Step 3: Execute the cmd commend. ... Step 4: Fixed!





This is what you should do:


1. Right Click 'My Computer', select 'Properties', then on the left panel, Click 'Advanced System Settings'.

You can also access this by going to Control Panel (Windows Key + R, type 'Control Panel'), changing the 'View by' to 'Small icons', selecting 'System', then the 'Advanced System Settings'.


2. Select the 'Advanced' tab, then under 'Performance', click the 'Settings...' button.

3. Select the 'Advanced' tab, then under 'Virtual Memory', click the 'Change..' button.

4. Uncheck the 'Automatically manage paging file for all drives' checkbox.

5. Select the 'Custom size' radio button.

Now, this is the important part:


6. On the 'Initial size (MB)' box, type in the size of your RAM, as instructed, in Megabytes.

7. On the 'Maximum size (MB)' box, type in the equivalent of twice your RAM size (Yes, you wil need to use your calculator)

8. Click the 'Set' button

9. Click all the following 'Ok' and 'Apply' buttons, and restart your system.

This should work.



Here are some links that I was able to find that should help you out with this issue.


Windows 8.1 100% disk usage


Windows 8 keeps slows down to 100% disk usage and hangs.


How to Fix: Windows 8 100% Disk Usage Issue


Let me know how things go with this.


Thank you again for posting and have a great day.

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