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Windows 8.1 Pro setup and Partition failure on Dell Inspiron 1464


I am Using Dell inspiron 1464 laptop. Recently i installed Windows 8.1 core on it.

Yesterday i attempt to make a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro on it.

Now, on the partitioning part i formated my primary partition which is 69 GB.and i also formated the 'system reserve' too which was 100 Mb.

After that when i selected the primary partition of 69.1 GB and press next, i cannot start the setup as it told me "windows cannot create a partition or locate a partition". 

And Now i'm without a OS in My Laptop and cant access my files. When i open my laptop, After the dell screen, there comes some text on Intel's Patents and a text 'no operating system'. :'(

Please Someone kindly help me to save my Laptop.

Thank You.