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Windows 8 Synaptic drivers for XPS 15

Hi all, I'm wondering if there are synaptic drivers available yet for windows 8? I use the two-finger scrolling a lot and from what I gather, they didn't have two finger scrolling in W8 at launch but I'm not sure if they added this yet. I'd hate to upgrade and then be stuck using the side bar.

Thanks in advance

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DELL-Sujatha K
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Re: Windows 8 Synaptic drivers for XPS 15

Hi Zach1928,

Among the XPS 15 laptops, L502X and L501X are not tested with Windows 8 operating system and hence no drivers are available.

L521X does not support two finger scrolling. As you mentioned there is no specific Win 8 driver for Touchpad but it works with the native drivers of Windows 8.

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