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Windows XP Recovery

Before I recently received my inspiron 8600, someone installed windows 7 over xp.  duh.  It obviously was not registered. duh.  Since the programs I need required xp, I have been trying to get it back to xp,.  I would like to ask the dummy that changed windows in the first place, but I don't even know their name or where they live. HELP PLEASE!  I also do not have the disc it supposedly came with, however, I do have a cd which I purchased from someone which says: Reinstallation CD, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Including Service Pack 1a.  It appears that drive c has very little space available on it and D has more space available. All I basically know how to do is to install a disc into the drive, however, I feel with some basic 1,2,3 instructions from some kind person, (considering I have the correct CD to use) I might be able to make the computer usable again.  Many, many thanks for your help.

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RE: Windows XP Recovery

Windows 7 is a much better OS than XP, and there is NO reason to question the [previous owner] on their choice of installed OS.  They probably should have just wiped out the OS altogether, giving you a blank PC.

All I basically know how to do is to install a disc into the drive

Then you are in for a long and bumpy road to install XP.  When you put the CD in and boot to it (may need F12), you will need to delete any/all partitions that exist on the disk prior to installing the OS.  After you install XP, you will need to install all the drivers for the system, starting with the System Software and chipset.

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