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Windows XP performs a beeping sound every minute when akku-power gets under 100%

Hi together,


I didn't find a matching thread to my problem, so I hope you can help me.


After installing Windows XP SP3, both my Dell Laptops (old Inspiron 6000 and brand new Vostro 1310) produce a beep-sound every minute or so when the akku-power falls under 100%. The sound is not produced by the hardware-beeper that performs trouble-messages when something is wrong e.g. with the mainboard but by the soundcar. When I disable sound, nothing can be heard.


First I expected it to be a problem with the power management in windows but I didn't get any results out of that, even when I disabled all alarms, he beeping sound still can be heard as soon as power level drops under 100%.


Any hints what to do?

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