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Windows automatic drivers' updates

After trials and experiments a lot of resets and restarts it is finally clear that Microsoft has done a good job on installing drivers' updates . Since the last time I did a super-clean installation of Windows 10 Home and did not use anything from the drivers and downloads page of Dell except the Quickset Application and the Touchpad driver all the components work fine until now .

So probably all those solutions to mess with the Device Manager etc. are not very useful since the Windows software does get correctly what it needs .

The dell inspiron 3542 is still under surveillance since the last clean install of W10 and two days now we are doing well . Maybe some sound/audio ups and downs but this is yet to be confirmed , some videos in youtube present anomalies .The touchpad is good.

Now a friend's laptop has similar issues it is from another company but we will find out soon if we can give a similar solution .

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