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Windows update always break wifi on my XPS 13 9350 (Dell 1820A), any solution?

I'm not sure whether this is a hardware issue, driver issue, or possibly a windows 10's bug causes conflict with 1820A

I got this laptop exaclt a month ago, it is windows 10 preinstalled

Everthing works fine, except my wifi is giving me some trouble

Whenever there comes a windows update that requires reboot, wifi got disabled as if the wireless card is not detected from PC

It would just show a red X mark on the wifi icon

and if I click on it, there's no enable / disable option; same happens in the settings, wifi submenu is nowhere to be found

Then I head into device manager, and believe it or not there is no wireless adapter at all

At first I thought the wireless card is dead, but after some long research on the web it seems more likely to be just driver-related issue. Turns out that I would have to delete the driver (unhide devices appears wireless adapter), restart the PC, and reinstall driver manually from device manager

Wifi is temporarily functional again using this workaround, but it is also getting very frustrating that I have to repeat all these steps once in a while and I can't enjoy using it like a normal laptop.

This doesn't occur on any of my previous laptop which have windows 10 too, so I'm really suspecting it must either be broadcom not providing a proper driver, or dell using faulty hardware.

If anyone here has the same issue / knows a permanent solution, please reply to this post. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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RE: Windows update always break wifi on my XPS 13 9350 (Dell 1820A), any solution?


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