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Windows vista business on D 830, said I needed newdrive graphics accelerator, but at dell support....

Hi folks...I'm not a computer guy, not like you folks!  wow! I remain humbled.  So...I needed a video driver..I evidently did not have. WEnt to Intel...said better check with Manufacturer, and I take advice!  Oh...your kharma card will benefit: just got thru cancer without insurance...lost everything, even my car...lotsa$ But I won!   So I'm trying to comeback...basically homeless and broker than democracy.  I am a really good person, and on ever business card I write: "Integrity Ridden ~ Morally Bound".

So at Dell...they analyze, and suggest 5 downloads...and I download...then check them: The intel driver, is a Windows 7 64 bit system this cool?  I wish it said Vista Business 32...  I have not checked the other 4...accidently launched media player when I went to Snip the window...and darn! Dbl cliked the top right X accidently.  In the folder Dell Downloads...was a file witha looong name, then this EXE...which I assume has all 5!  I did the Dell easy tool...maybe this is that tool...I am so confused.  The exe is:  uh oh...just a sec:  it's an audio driver..argh:

wont paste..neither will the folder name.  So, any thougts? I really want to try the missing driver...the ads on hulu take 4ever...and I'm eating up bandwidth on my cricket account.  Thanks, readers, & helpers!

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