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Wireless network and shut down issues when on my parents home network

Hi all,

I have some really strange issues that pop up whenever I bring my Dell Inspiron n7110 to my parents place.  First, I'm able to connect to their router/network and the status says "internet access" but whenever I try to go online it won't work.  After that I'll notice the network status often changes to "limited access" or "no access".  A couple of times I have been able to get to one web page successfully before it completely stops working, but that's it.  Also, whenever I start my laptop after closing it (not restarting or shutting down, but simply folding the screen down) it always says that it didn't shut down successfully and it asks if I want to start windows normally or in safe mode.  This NEVER happens on my home network, or even when I've brought my laptop to my brother's.  Also, when I close my laptop and open it back up right away, I just get a black unresponsive screen.  Tapping the power does nothing.  It seems like it's still trying to go into sleep mode, or whatever mode you'd call that, but it's locked up.  I have also run into the blue screen of death a couple times at my parents.  While I don't remember the exact error it was something about an unresponsive driver I think.  Again, I've never had this problem either in all my time with it at my place.

I'm completely at a loss.  I've tried disconnecting from the network and reconnecting making sure I'm connecting propery, I've tried restarting my laptop, I've tried diagnosing the problem by going through the network status and clicking the diagnose button.  I've also gone to the network properties on both my parents laptop and mine to make sure they're the same too.  The router is a NetGear WNR1000v3 and again my laptop is an Inspiron N7110.  I'm sure other info would be needed to figure out what's going on, but not sure what info that would be.  Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!


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